the beauty of wasting a sunday

Sunday is a time to lounge around and do as little as you can. The day where the world slows down and the only thing left is to sit in bed all day and stare out of the window. Here are a few things that I did this sunday to watch the long days turn into night.


Spent your sunday doesn’t have to be oversleep. I like wake up early on sunday and do nothing. Gazing my morning backyard while ruffling among the pillows. Favorite pick for my morning are 200% and Give Love by Akdong Musician, they’re totally a breath of fresh air.


Ignore the amount of soy sauce on my porridge, I’m watching Inogashira Goro. Aired on Waku Waku Japan channel every morning, Kodoku no Gurume tells about a salesman in Tokyo named Goro who goes out to eat. That’s it. Only watching middle-aged man eating with internal monologue give a pleasure to your belly (Actually it makes my porridge looks even more miserable). It is a pretty good drama to watch in morning show. Bring peacefulness (not for your belly) because the only conflict in this drama is when he can’t decide what to eat. But mostly he has ability to identify what exactly he wants at any given moment of the day. That’s a gift!


Although released in 1996, this true classic and timeless romantic comedy drama Long Vacation is still entertaining to watch. This is how Sena describe Long Vacation:

When things all go wrong and nothing seems to get better even when you try, as if you’re missing a chance to make a change, do not feel beaten and down. It is actually a “long vacation” from God. Use the time to relax and care for others around you. Don’t worry. God has his plans in place. When the vacation ends, a chance will appear and a change will take place.

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I think I’m pretty busy this sunday morning with my TV. This time I should have a real food.


What’s best about Oyakodon is that it only requires the most basic of Japanese cooking ingredients, so you probably already have them in your cupboard and can get cooking straight away. You can get the recipe here. If you don’t feel like to move from your bed you could just call Yoshinoya for delivery 😛


After finishing the last chapter of space brother with 30 minutes nap and a box of crown saltine crackers with nuttela canape, the sun has already set. I like to wake up early without feeling rushed or frazzled, so it’s time for me to sleep.

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I need more days like this

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