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I like my new smartphone, my computer works just fine, my tablet is perfect, but I miss my mind.

Seven years ago I was certainly more productive, though I lived without internet connection and limited gadget. I’ve always had time to learn some random skill like knitting, papermaking, or simply try new recipes. When I compare those years to now, everything gets more complicated, less time and less space to do what I really want.

Perhaps, simplicity is what I longing for. Wanting less and being happy with that, finding true priorities and making our lives less complex. Leave consumerist lifestyle behind and live simply.

I want to become more self-sufficient, re-learning the age-old skills of being able to do things yourself instead of always relying on someone else or something else that’s mass produced. Grow, cook, or preserve your own food and living more sustainably. I will have more time, more rest, more peace of mind, and more spirituality. Does the idea of simplicity appeal to you?

01.  graft – qiyun deng
02.  little forest – daisuke igarashi  
03.  mizue hirano
04.  vegetabrella – yurie mano
05. paperable fruits block – ko machiyama


16. October 2013 by hardhikaputri
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